Everything you need to know about water softeners

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about hard water and water softener installations

Will fitting a softener really make a difference?
Yes, it will make a tremendous difference. Your water will have a silky feel. Soap will produce a rich lather. Shower heads will not block up; they will stay at full power. Baths, sinks, and shower screens will be cleaner. You will save 50% of the cost of washing liquids and powders.
Does it take long for limescale to build up in my pipes?
No. Not as long as you may think. Most scaling problems occur where they cannot be seen, inside your pipework, hot water cylinders, boilers, and shower units. If you have fur inside your kettle, then you have a good idea how quickly it can build up inside your heating system.
What is hard water?
Hard water is water that contains dissolved chalk, lime and other minerals. Rain water is naturally soft but as it percolates through chalk and limestone, it dissolves and collects these minerals. Rain water that falls on hard rock remains naturally soft. The hardness of the supply of mains water to your home is dependent on where you live and the source (river or ground water) of your mains water supply.
Where does a water softener need to be fitted?
Normally, we try to put it somewhere in reasonable proximity to your main water stopcock. There are a variety of solutions that can be applied to your own situations including external, frost proofed cabinets if necessary. If the stopcock is under the sink, this is generally the most cost effective solution. Some softeners need a power supply and also will need to be connected to the drain to allow for the hardness minerals to be flushed away. We have a great deal of experience in selecting the best for you, and will be happy to provide a no obligation quotation.
Do I need to do anything about my scaled up pipes?
No, unless the water has slowed to a trickle. As soon as your new softener is connected, soft water will start to reverse the scale build up. Over a period, all the scale build up will be gradually removed. When this process has been completed, your water heating bills will be reduced by 35% simply because you will be heating your water through what will have become an insulating jacket of scale! Please note that your savings will primarily apply to your heating costs for hot water and not your central heating as the same water will remain in this system.
Can I drink softened water?
Yes you can. Many people prefer softened water for drinking and cooking too, however, powdered milk for baby feeds should be drawn from an un-softened tap, and anyone on a sodium restricted diet should follow their doctor’s instructions. A separate hard drinking tap can be provided as required.
Can I take the softener with me if I move home?
Yes you can. The softener will be fitted with bypass plumbing which would mean that if you moved home, the in and the out taps to the softener could be turned off, the bypass opened and the softener removed as easily as a washing machine.
If I call you to my home, am I under any obligation?
No obligation whatsoever, but a cup of tea would be nice.

Soft Touch Water Softeners Ltd

I have been with this company for a number of years and would recommend them without hesitating. The service is excellent and any problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently . When requested salt blocks are delivered within a very short space of time.

Supply / Install Whole House Water Softener

Excellent. Plumber arrived on time, with minimal fuss installed the Harvey softener as agreed. Once installed it’s been faultlessly delivering soft water. It’s been a great investment both in the unit and Soft Touch.

Remove old water softener and install new softener and filtered water cartridge and tap

Very efficient company – explained how it would all work and how we would notice the difference between hard and soft water. Plumber who installed it was very knowledgeable and took time to explain what he had done and how it all worked. It was all fitted in good time and tidied up efficiently. All working well – no problems. Courtesy call was made to see how it was all going.

Replacement of old water softener and fitting of outside tap

Excellent service from Paul at Soft Touch. Explained clearly what we were buying. Offered also to fit an outside tap to provide hard water to the garden (instead of soft water in previous arrangement). Work completed promptly.

Installation of water softener

Super professional, polite and helpful team. We’re very pleased with our water Softener – would highly recommend. Thank you Paul and team!

Fitting a water softener

We highly recommend using this company! From start to finish they were excellent: they did what they said they would, in the timeframe we agreed and were so very helpful. Nothing was too much trouble and no mess was left. It truly was a pleasure having them in our home.

To fit Water Softener

Where do I start… so let’s start with the stars /10 Absolutely brilliant service from first meeting , to the end and follow up. Fitted Water Softener is Harvey’s Minimax. It takes salt 4 big cubes. Hassle free, as no lifting kilos of salt bag. Saved my life! Water tastes so good and no water marks which is very visible. I had a separate drinking water installed on my sink as well. Worked carried out by Plumber Leo is exceptionally good. Very polite guy with knowledge of his job. Highly Recommend this company. Well done to the TEAM- Paul, Nathan and Leo

Supply and installation of water softener

Excellent service, absolutely delighted from the first enquiry, through to the installation, cannot recommend enough, they gave me total confidence and peace of mind. Great job and great product, fits neatly into my cupboard.. perfect!

Water softener and water filter

Quickly clean and efficient. Water tastes amazing too. Highly recommend

Installation of Harvey Water Softener

I found that from the day of survey by Paul to the day of installation the service I received was efficient, informative and very professional. Communication was always polite and friendly and I could only encourage potential customers to use Soft Touch Water Softeners if they are looking for 1st class service.

Water Softener

Did a fantastic job. Very pleased . Very happy to give 10 !!

Water softener installed

Having been told at the initial discussion what I can expect in terms of the service that would be provided, I was extremely impressed that ” as it was discussed so it was completed “. I can highly recommend this company.

Fitted water softener

Excellent installation, achieved all my requests.

Re-build of water softener

Have used Soft Touch for many years for supplying salt and just had them carry out a re-build of a water softener. Very reliable, friendly and courteous service. Will continue to use.

Water softener and 3 way tap installation

The work has been done above expectations, I would definitely recommend the company to any potential customer.

Water softener installed

I cannot fault this installation, from day one when a survey was undertaken and the time taken to explain the fundamentals of the water softener to the thoroughness and attitude of the installer.

Fitted water softener

Fantastic company, would 100% recommend. Work carried out to highest of standards and my home was left clean and tidy…. Brilliant

Fitting of water softener and filter

Installer turned was punctual and I am very happy with installation. Demonstration on how to use was good and very happy with the product.

New water softener

Excellent service. Time taken to assess and totally satisfy our requirements prior to work. Perfect time keeping, efficient, tidy fitting and helpful advice on the day of installation.

Water softener installation

It was such a pleasure to meet Paul who is the proprietor of this family run company. He was so knowledgable and helped me make an informed choice. I must admit have been studying the market for a while and not a novice to water softeners. I would highly recommend him for water softeners or salt supplies amongst other softener related business he is in.

Water Softener & Tap fitted

Outstanding! A recommendation from a friend who said the same. We had already had a demo from a large company who showed us what was wrong with our water (I now understand why my hair looked like Hagrids from Harry Potter after moving here) despite telling Paul this he made sure we were educated and thought of all the options available to us. Della came to fit and what a delight she is (and you Paul). Friendly, Polite and did all work with a smile whilst considering me working from home! Cheaper than the big company too and good to support a local, fantastic, business with a personal touch! (TN24 area)

Water Softener and Drinking Filter

We had a water softener fitted and the experience from point-of-sale through to installation and post-sale was without fault, Soft Touch even managed to accommodate a last minute request I had prior to installation. The installer was excellent. The plumbing is very neat and at every stage of the installation, the installer checked with me on the fundamentals before proceeding. If you are looking for a water softener, then I would highly recommend Soft Touch. (CT20 area)

Fitting a new water softener

Della fitted my water softener, the quality looks great, her working was very neat and tidy, she was really courteous and made sure she did any noisy work at a convenient time around my meetings whilst working from home. Paul was also very kind and gave lots of useful advice. (ME17 area)

Water softener installed

The company fitted water Softener and the plumber was excellent at her job. I highly recommend this company as the work quality is excellent. I value their work and the advice they gave. (DA12 area)

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